Meet Me!


I’m Kate, a recent college graduate who calls New England home (Go Sox!) but has wandered far (India) and south (Kentucky). However, the earth of the Northeast is where I’m most comfortable. I’m Catholic, or at least, a Catholic, one of the many – for better or for worse, this is my spiritual home. But my faith, my religion, is simple: I want to be kind, to be gentle, and to be a servant to all. I think all creatures of goodwill can find common ground in that.

I blog because…well, I’ve always had to write. My best friend from childhood and I would “play” together by writing stories on her bed.This blog is meant to be a space to explore what it means to live a good, holy, whole life, one marked by travel and joy and relationships. But I don’t want this just for me: I want it for others. As much as I’m concerned for my own life, I’m interested in making the world more just. So join me as I work through all these things. Can’t guarantee any big conclusions or definite answers, but maybe a little bit of poetry along the way.

Five Things You Might Wanna Know:

1. I’m a vegetarian for a host of ethical and health reasons. Making wholesome, tasty veg food for all is a passion of mine.

2. I’m also a wannabe jock. I love sports and I am always looking for a good workout. I’ve run the Knoxville Half Marathon and want to do more!

3. Here comes the “F” word – I consider myself a feminist. Feminism (that is also anti-racist and anti-classist) is good for people.

4. I’m a pretty unorthodox Catholic. I love the Sacraments, and I love the Church, but I read the Tao Te Ching along with the Gospel…along with Rumi…along with secular, heathen poets.

5.  T.V. is the best. I love television. No guilt in the pleasure I feel at binge watching New Girl or getting sucked into Sherlock!